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Otsuka’s guiding principles are embedded in our DNA: RYUKAN GODO (by sweat we recognize the way), JISSHO (actualization) and SOZOSEI (creativity).

Ryukan godo means to discover the core substance of something through hard work and practice. In the words of our founder, Busaburo Otsuka, he said, “I do not mean to sweat physically but mean something much deeper – an internal, spiritual sweat that arises from a blazing passion for one’s work and a realization of the road one should travel to achieve it”.

The second-generation member of the Otsuka family to lead the company, Masahito Otsuka, was driven by the principle of jissho. It is defined as self-actualization through achievement, completion and the discovery of truth.

Building on these principles, the third-generation of the family, Akihiko Otsuka, sought to also emphasize the importance of sozosei. In this case, creativity means resisting the urge to copy and pursue that which only Otsuka is capable of delivering.

Otsuka is committed to passing on these concepts to our next generation of management to ensure that the group’s DNA continues to inform our products and services.


Information current as of 16-06-2023
Reference ONP-DEL-2300009