Drug Resistance is a Formidable Obstacle to Effective Tuberculosis (TB) Treatment and Management Globally.

Drug resistance is taking us back to the pre-antibiotics era. Bacteria and viruses can become resistant to medication (also known as antimicrobial resistance or AMR) due to insufficient or inappropriate usage. The Economist Intelligence Unit in its 2019 report “It’s Time to End Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis” asserts that by the year 2050, drug-resistant TB could account for 2.5 million deaths annually.1

Otsuka takes rigorous steps to curb resistance to antibiotics. We have created an Antimicrobial Resistance task force to monitor and continuously improve stewardship and rational use of our products.

Our stewardship achievements are acknowledged in the AMR Benchmark 2021, a survey of global pharmaceutical companies. The Benchmark is conducted by the Access to Medicine Foundation, funded by the UK and Dutch governments.2

Otsuka is also a member of AMR Industry Alliance contributing to the necessary response by relevant industries.


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Information current as of 16-06-2023
Reference ONP-DEL-2300013