Tuberculosis (TB) Can Affect Anyone, Anywhere.

It is a Curable disease that can be Overcome with the Right Management and a Strong will to Live.

We invite you to read the inspiring stories of patients, their families and friends, dedicated health care workers, and TB specialists who have fought TB in Estonia, China, Kazakhstan, Peru, the Philippines, and Russia.

FighTBack Global (English) features:

  • The importance of political will in TB control.
  • A story of a patient advocate from the Philippines who survived extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB) twice.
  • An interview with the Estonian National TB Programme coordinator and clinicians.
  • A story of healthcare workers in Peru who are on the frontlines of TB treatment.

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FighTBack Philippines (English) features:

  • A story of teenage boys fighting multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB).
  • An interview with a clinician on innovations necessary to curb MDR-TB.
  • A story of a nurse training fellow healthcare workers to support TB patients.

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FighTBack Russia & Kazakhstan (Russian) features:

  • Challenges and successes in TB control in Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • A story of a young couple that survived XDR-TB and is now helping others with treatment.
  • A discussion on the connection between TB and diabetes.

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FighTBack China (Chinese) features:

  • 5 key questions about TB answered by the Chinese Medical Association.
  • An article on TB among children.
  • A story of a university student who contracted MDR-TB and survived.

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We hear a lot of statistics quantifying the TB crisis, but there’s only one number the global TB community is focused on: zero

  • Zero new infections, zero deaths, zero stigma, and zero discrimination
  • We join partners from all over the world in working towards the global goal that starts with ZERO.


Information current as of 16-06-2023
Reference ONP-DEL-2300018